Vox News reports in this video in an attempt to explain exactly why China is the source of new diseases like COVID-19 and SARS. It is well-produced and slick, and it is quite informative.

This also provides some insight into the living conditions in China. While the nation is an economic powerhouse, it is also clear from watching this that parallel to the superdevelopment of the tech economy runs a way of life that is primitive in appearance, and dangerous for the life and health of the Chinese people.
This is the result and continuing problem for this, the world’s most heavily populated nation, running under the influence of a powerful Communist apparatus.
This will probably shock and dismay many Westerners, especially in light of most recent news from China before this, which show gleaming cities and high-tech on par with or exceeding the best of the West. While those certainly exist, the technological rise has not extended to this area of life and probably many others.
What is even more ironic is that these execrable markets are said to cater to the wishes of the wealthy class of people in China (even though communist countries are not supposed to have wealthy people). This is because many of the items sold in such markets are wildlife, but the consumption of these animals has been marketed for everything from health to sex to mind-enhancing. Wildlife markets have become big business.
It appears that they have become big and deadly business. That business is shown here to be linked to both the SARS and COVID-19 outbreaks, both of which spread worldwide. COVID-19’s run is far more widespread and severe, with millions of people locked down in quarantine in China and now 16 million in Italy.
Even in the United States, no one is taking such drastic measures off the table. The disruption to life all over the world may be quite dramatic, and possibly even severe until this virus has made its run.
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